Dental prevention clinics & Fluoride varnish applications

All of us need reminders of how to best look after our teeth, and the “dental toolkit” (Delivering Bettering Oral Health: An evidence-based toolkit for Prevention) recommends that children at risk of caries have a fluoride varnish application every 3 to 4 months. This can be achieved through a mixture of dental check ups and prevention clinic visits. Fluoride varnish can also help with tooth sensitivity and particularly helps protect teeth as we get older and we develop a dry mouth so that we loose the protectiveness of the saliva. We offer special clinics for fluoride varnish application.

Teaching re first aid following trauma to teeth for families, teachers and sports coaches.

prevention-teeth-in-handIf a tooth is knocked out or broken do you know what to do?

The most important factor influencing outcome following a dental injury is the immediate care provided so I have decided to try and address this.

I am available to come to schools or sports clubs to give a short 20minute talk to staff/coaches and then to the children so that we can start to disseminate the most up to date thinking on what to do and thereby reduce the long-term detrimental effects of tooth injuries.

We also run Trauma Advice Sessions at 82 Berners Street for parents and children to increase their awareness of what to do in an emergency for these sorts of injuries in the time before they can get to a dentist.

Construction of custom mouth guards (one day turnaround when needed)

prevention-mouthguardWearing a mouth guard during contact or hardball sports can literally save your teeth! Mouth guards can also reduce the chance of concussion from a blow under the chin, if correctly made and worn.

We have facilities to make mouth guards on site so can have a fast turnaround for those occasions when a mouth guard is lost just before the big match!

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