Inhalational Sedation

Treatment with Inhalational sedation (IS-magic wind) and Local Anaesthetic.

This form of sedation is very good for children as it only needs to be breathed through a small mask over the nose, the effects are felt quite quickly, no special starving is needed prior to treatment and the effects are reversed quickly just by breathing oxygen alone at the end of treatment. There is a large margin of safety, as the child will be breathing at least 30% oxygen (more than in normal air) throughout the procedure with rapid ability to reverse the sedation if desired. The nasal mask does need to be kept on throughout treatment. For about 10% of people the sedation has no effect and an alternative needs to be found. This type of sedation is meant to alleviate anxiety, make time for treatment seem shorter and there are some mild analgesic effects, your child will not go to sleep and will still be able to talk. It is still necessary to use local anaesthetic as above to ensure the treatment is painless.

During inhalational sedation only one area of the mouth is treated at a visit because of numbness so if your child has a lot of work needed he/she will need multiple visits.

For children who cannot manage treatment in any other way we have access to General Anaesthetic services.

Jackie Smallridge is able to carry out dental treatment (Fillings, stainless steel crowns and extractions if indicated,) under general Anaesthesia privately at the Suffolk Nuffield Hospital, for children who cannot cope with treatment in any other way after full assessment at Berners’s Street

If general anaesthesia is chosen it has the advantage that all treatment can be carried out in one visit and the child will be unaware of the dental treatment during the procedure.

It will be carried out in a hospital setting, the anaesthetic being administered by a specially trained paediatric anaesthetist with a full theatre team.

We provide treatment as a day case procedure;  (you come in and go home the same day), with you as a parent being present during the induction (start) of the anaesthetic and recovery phases for your child. He/she will be away from you for between 60-120 minutes, which is naturally an anxious time for parents, but during this time there will be many staff caring for your child.

Anaesthetics of this type are very frequently carried out for children who find it too difficult to cope with dental treatment in any other way and can be a good way for the child to receive extensive treatment, without him/her being frightened during treatment. This option will only be chosen if other treatments have been tried and found too upsetting for the child.


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