Implant Dentistry

Vineet KapporAs we all know too well, sometimes our teeth do not stand the test of time. whatever the reason, if this happens and where a false teeth are not wanted, implants can be a fantastic way to provide a fixed long term solution.

A dental implant is quite simply a replacement tooth root, made out of titanium that is placed at the site of the missing tooth or teeth. Following a period of healing a natural tooth coloured crown can be secured to this new root and so replacing the lost tooth.

The procedures are normally more comfortable than having the tooth removed in the first place and healing can be quick and easy.

We believe that every person and situation is unique. With this in mind before jumping into treatment, we insist on a full assessment being carried out to assess your suitability for treatment followed by a lengthy conversation to answer any questions and give an overview of the treatment options going forwards.

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