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We offer a complete range of children’s dentistry care

Inhalational Sedation

Treatment with Inhalational sedation

Orthodontics & Missing Teeth

Full range of Orthodontic services available

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Dentistry for nervous adults and adults with special needs

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Psychological support for nervous patients


If a tooth is knocked out or broken do you know what to do?

What to do if you have a dental emergency

If you have severe toothache, swelling of your mouth or jaws or have had a fall or blow to your mouth, please phone the practice on 01473 550600, out of hours you will hear a message on who to ring: wherever possible (most occasions) we will see you ourselves but if we are not able to do this for some reason, we have a reciprocal arrangement with another practice, who will assist.

What to do if a tooth is knocked out!

Knocked out tooth

  • For adult teeth only, if a baby tooth is knocked out do NOT put it back in
  • Pick up the tooth by the crown (shiny part usually seen in the mouth)
  • If very dirty lick the root clean with saliva-(can use cold milk or saline if immediately available but don’t delay) : do not rub or use disinfectant
  • Push it straight back into the gap it has come out from matching it to the tooth next door, if done straight away (less that 5 minutes) it will not hurt and can give it a very good chance of survival
  • Bite on a clean tissue, ring your dentist and get there as quick as you can for the tooth to be checked and splinted

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