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Children's Dentistry

We offer a complete range of children’s dentistry care

Inhalational Sedation

Treatment with Inhalational sedation

Orthodontics & Missing Teeth

Full range of Orthodontic services available

Care of Adults & Hygienist Services

Dentistry for nervous adults and adults with special needs

Clinical Psychology

Psychological support for nervous patients


If a tooth is knocked out or broken do you know what to do?

Coronavirus Statement

Our Dear Patients,

Thank you for your patience throughout the pandemic. 

We are now able to offer our full list of services. Due to the new regulations we have to work under, we are still having to extend treatment appointment times for additional cleaning and allowing air exchange in surgeries.

This obviously means we are not able to see as many people in one day as before. We may need to rearrange appointment times slightly within a day, or change a date in extreme situations to enable us to see as many people as we safely can in a day. If we ask you to move time or date, please be patient with us. 

We still have to prioritise those patients with problems and when able, will work extra sessions to allow more access and reduce waiting times between appointments. The nature of work being very close contact means, it is still important for everyone’s safety that we comply with the Chief Dental Officer guidance.

We still ask that you please refrain from booking online via our website as this may result in us having to cancel your appointment due to us having to carefully schedule suitable times/days.

I am confident that you are all doing great tooth home care, brushing, interdental cleaning and sensible eating to maintain your oral health.

If you have a problem or concern you feel needs priority please email or ring so we are able to offer advice and an appointment if necessary.

Likewise, if you know that you have treatment outstanding from before the start of the pandemic and we have not contacted you to complete this, please telephone to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or want advice please do get in touch.  

Thanking you again.

Kind regards

Yours sincerely

Jacqueline Smallridge

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